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Body Care

Discover an essence of being.

Our four body care programmes available for you to choose from, Relax, Flow, Detox and Tonic, so you can match the products to your treatment depending on your mood and stress levels. All of DECLEOR’s treatments include oriental massage techniques including Thai, shiatsu, reflexology and aromatherapy using DECLEOR’s warm aromatic massage balms to sooth the mind and soul.

Back, neck and shoulder massage


The main benefit of our back, neck and shoulder massage is to reduce tension, aches and pains in the muscles of the upper body. The variation in the pressure and depth of the massage strokes promotes  muscle relaxation and  improves blood circulation leaving  you feeling refreshed and comfortable in your body.  This massage is especially helpful  if  you suffer with back pain due to stress of injury.


Duration: 30 Minutes

Full body massage


Attention is given to those muscles in all areas of the body which are most likely to accumulate stress and tension. Generally these are the back, neck and shoulders, the upper and lower legs, feet, arms and hands. Yor particular area of need can be concentrated on.

You will feel refreshed and revitalised by the release of stress in your muscles, and the increased blood circulation will ease any  stiffness in your joints. A full body massage will also help you sleep better and improve your digestion!

Duration: 1 Hour

Full body massage including face and scalp


This offers the ultimate in relaxation, as it works across your entire body from the top of your scalp to the soles of your feet.  Even your hair growth is stimulated by the extra blood supply which circulates as a result of the massage strokes. The relaxation of tight muscles across your scalp let the brain feel less pressured.

Each part of your body will benefit from the  rythmic  strokes which help release tension and allow a state of relaxation and wellbeing to develop.  Deeper more focussed pressure can be applied to problem areas to make the treatment truely personalised.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes